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3 Things You Can do Right Now to Make Your Business Shine Online

new-and-improvedThe online world changes so fast, it’s hard to keep up.

Today Facebook is changing the Timeline.  Tomorrow, Pinterest brings out a new look.   Then WordPress switches things up and Twitter creates new ways for your brand to be seen.  But there are a few things that remain constant that will help you put your best face forward for your business.

Here are three questions to ask yourself:

1.  Do my graphics and branding really reflect my business and what we’re about?

Take a good hard look at your website.  Are you happy with your graphics, colors and ‘look and feel’ and they represent you and your business?  When was the last time you had them updated?  Are you still using a picture of yourself from 5 years ago in your header?

2.  Are my social media profile images consistent with my website graphics?

There’s something disconcerting about seeing one look and feel on a business’s website, then something completely different on their Facebook page, then something else again on Twitter.  Consistency is key with social media, where building relationships is what it’s all about.  If your graphics don’t have some similarity with each other, with recognizable images of you across the board (they can be different, just not wildly different – like one from yesterday and another from 5 years ago when your hair was a completely different color or you weighed 30 pounds more), then you’ve got some work to do!  And if you’re not linking your business Facebook page from your personal profile in the ‘About’ section, you’re missing out.  I can’t tell you how many people I’ve come across where I know they have a business, but their personal profile has no link to it.  Don’t miss the opportunities that come with people wanting to check out your business!

3.  Have I reviewed my website recently from the eyes of my ideal client?

If you can, have someone unfamiliar with your site, but who might be an ‘ideal client’ sit down with you and click around your site.  Note what sort of questions they ask, if they’re confused about what to do next, or if they’d rather just ‘leave’?  Do you have a ‘get started’ page that new visitors can easily access to get what they need out of your website, or where you direct them to the places you want them to go and the things you want them to do?  Is your opt-in – or what you want them to do on your site more than anything – located in the top right corner of the site?  Finally, is there too much going on?  Too many opt-ins, too many competing visuals, just too much of everything?

So there you have it – 3 ways to ramp up your website presence right now.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – your web presence should be a reflection of YOU and your business, without compromise.  Don’t settle for less.