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)We love our clients!  And because of that, we want you to have the absolute best experience working with us.  So to make sure everything goes super smooth during our projects together, we’ve put together some of the questions our prospective clients and clients ask us most frequently.  Should you need an answer to questions about our policies or how we work, you should be able to find it easily.  And now you can…

  1. What is your hourly rate?
    Our rate for graphic design, technical support, custom coding, and troubleshooting, etc. is $80/h.
  2. Do you offer website and graphic design packages rather than hourly work?
    You betcha!  Click here to get the details on everything we offer in the way of services.
  3. I need ongoing help.  Do you have any support packages?
    We sure do!  We offer 5 and 10 hour support packages for $347 and $697 respectively (get the details here), which covers just about everything you could need for your WordPress site, as well as smaller packages that will keep your WordPress, theme and plug-ins up to date without you ever having to even think about it.
  4. Why do you only work in WordPress?
    Well, that would require an essay – there are just too many benefits to list.  But suffice it to say that in all our years of working on various web platforms, we find WordPress to be the most cost effective, flexible, and most importantly for busy entrepreneurs and professionals, easy to manage way for you to run your business online.  We can’t recommend it highly enough.
  5. Do you build custom themes?
    In short, no.  We can fully customize premium themes like those from Studiopress, Elegant Themes, as well as ThriveThemes, but we do not build from scratch.  There are a number of reasons for that, but basically it comes down to this: most small business and entrepreneurs simply don’t need an expensive custom-built theme that’s coded from the ground up.  With well-designed graphics, beautiful photos, a carefully chosen color and font palette, the out-of-the-box capabilities of a high quality and regularly-updated theme with a great development team behind it (so you don’t have to worry about it), and a bit of custom coding, most entrepreneurs can get a site that reflects who they are, that will serve their clients well and help them grow their business (the most important role of a website, in our opinion) – without it costing thousands of dollars for a basic site or having them beholden to a designer or developer for the rest of their business days.  It’s just not necessary to spend a lot of money to get an effective, easy-to-manage website.
  6. Do you recommend any specific WordPress themes?
    Definitely.  We specialize in Genesis/Studiopress (, Elegant Themes (, and ThriveThemes (, but can work with other WordPress themes if required.  Most of our clients use themes from Studiopress/Genesis, Elegant Themes, as well as ThriveThemes, and as they keep getting better and better with each version, we highly recommend one of these (depending on your requirements and budget).
  7. How will my business benefit by purchasing a ‘premium’ WordPress theme?
    Three ways: you’ll save time, you’ll save money and ultimately, you’ll save the hassle of constantly hiring a ‘programmer’ make changes to your site.  With the combination of WordPress and a good premium theme, you’ll be able to do a lot of it yourself if you need to.  You’ll likely still need someone to assist for more complex layout changes, but for most things, a premium theme will allow you to easily make those changes yourself if you so choose.  Plus you’ll always know your theme is secure and up-to-date, as compared to having a custom theme designed that may or may not be kept up to date with best practices by your original designer.
  8. If I want to work with you, what are your expectations of your clients?
    Great question!  Our clients are really amazing people from all walks of life, a wide spectrum of businesses, and far flung countries (though most of our clients are in the US, Canada and the UK, we have clients in regions as far flung as Italy and Afghanistan).  What we’ve found over the years is that having a few guidelines up front helps tremendously in keeping everyone happy. Mostly, these have to do with communication and scheduling, and the impact of lack of communication and changes to schedules to the delivery of the final product.  Our docket is generally set at least a week or two in advance, with a specific time-slot scheduled for your project.  If for some reason you are unable to deliver your approvals or content, photos, etc. by the scheduled time (you’ll know what that is far ahead of time), it will likely impact the delivery of your project and may mean we have to bump your work to the following week or even later.  And that can affect you.  So, yes, we love timely communication!  You can count on us to get back to you the same day with a response when you send us a query, and we love it if our clients are able to do the same – it keeps the projects flowing…  That said, we all know that life happens – to us too. If we have a client with a site emergency (like their host server has crashed), that will often take precedence and require a rearranging of our schedule. We know every client would love to have that kind of service if they need it, so we find that most clients understand. Here’s an article on the subject to clarify what we mean: 7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Relationship with Your Web or Graphic Designer
  9. How do you communicate with clients?
    Our preferred communication vehicle is email via our project management software, Basecamp – it’s fast, efficient, and we can access it anywhere, even if we’re on the road.  We can and do sometimes connect with clients and prospective clients via Skype or telephone when required, but generally email works best for most things. If you purchase one of our design or support packages, we often do training via screen share, or create Screencast videos you can refer to at your leisure.
  10. Do you need a deposit up front or do I pay at the end of the project?
    For all WordPress design packages, we require a 50%, non-refundable initial payment up front to cover our initial costs and time investment, with the remaining 50% to be paid at the satisfactory completion of the project.  For smaller projects and graphics work, we bill at the end of the project, when we know you’re satisfied with the work.  I can’t imagine working any other way.  All 5h and 10h support packages require 100% pre-payment and are non-refundable (unless you’re not happy with the quality of our services, of course).
  11. What if I want more edits and changes after we’re already finished the project, or I change my mind about my design part way through the project?
    Our packages generally offer 3 rounds of edits for each graphic element, with additional rounds of edits available for purchase in 15 minute increments at our regular design rate.  If we’re all the way through the design project and you decide you want a new look for your design, we would generally work on an hourly basis to get your design to where it reflects your new vision. We never leave clients high and dry and out of pocket for work they’re not happy with. I’ve been there as a client myself, and just can’t fathom doing it to a client.
  12. Is your work guaranteed?
    We pride ourselves in working hard to ensure our clients are happy with our work.  We can’t imagine charging you for designs you don’t love!  So we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Of course, we can’t guarantee your business results – that’s up to you.  All we can provide is good design and the correct technical bits and bobs.  But if for some reason we’re unable to provide the level of service we agree to at the beginning of your project, you don’t pay for that part of the project – plain and simple.  That’s just the way we roll…
  13. So what do I need to get started?
    We’d love to work with you!  There are a few things you’ll need before we can get started:  1) a self-hosted WordPress site (i.e., not; 2) a purchased domain that you own (we recommend for their domain registration services); 3) and a premium WordPress theme license (Studiopress, Elegant Themes, Salient, BeTheme or whichever theme you are currently using and want to stick with).  For design work, we have a questionnaire we’ll ask you to fill out electronically – it helps us get to the real essence of your design quickly.

Still have questions?  Drop us a line via our contact page!